Blogging with pictures – puppy of course!

Today’s assignment to try a different posting style… so though I’ve used pictures in my posts before I thought I would show a story via pictures in this blog.  Of course the web can’t read pictures so I’ll just say this picture story will show the pup Zulu (catahoula breed) from 8 wks to now 3yrs from mangy, scrawny pup to handsome companion for his older (non-related by blood anyhow) sister (Sky -Australian Shepherd).





Both Zulu and Sky are rescue dogs.  Zulu the Catahoula was adopted from the Jefferson County animal shelter in Mardas, Oregon.  Sky, the Aussie was a year old when she was adopted from the Milo Foundation in California.


6 thoughts on “Blogging with pictures – puppy of course!

  1. Oh, Bonny, this was so beautifully put together! I am crying, I mean really crying! I will add your two shelters to my Seeking Shelters list. Thank you for the beautiful, heartwarming success story!


  2. Oh my god, that was SO fun!! And sweet, and funny, I love love loved your thoughts/captions, plus awesome photos! I really did laugh out loud a couple times. Thank you so much for that. 🙂

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