Engaging = Inspiration

Yesterday was spent reading & re-reading my neighbours blogs.  I found a number of new blogs to follow as well as some tags to keep an eye on.   In the spirit of the assignment I have come to realise as was stated in the assignment: ‘publishing is only half of blogging – engaging with the community is the other’.  The result of engaging = inspiration!

I thought I would summarise some of the blogs that have piqued my interest – in no particular order.

1. Life of Janine – https://whatbringsjoy.wordpress.com/
The url sums up my favourite thing about this blog: what brings joy.  Goal of her blog is to be able to look back at her blog and see a chronicle of growth and joy.   What a great goal! I love it!!

2. Susie Shy – susieshy45.wordpress.com
Susie touched on a subject to which I can relate; the dilemna of making the effort to reach out to the neighbour and let them know you care. The desire to be more than strangers passing one another in the street or wherever.  Susie Shy chronicles her story of overcoming language and cultural differences  and the joy of reaching out and getting to know the neighbours.

3. Bobby Shabangu – bobbyshabangu.wordpress.com/
A very powerful affirmative blog that really caught my attention and has really made me want to read and read and read.  I was struck by the sincerity, and really the definitions.  I can’t paraphrase his writing so you’ll need to read it yourself.  I like Bobby’s method of writing and his expectation for himself is one I would like to do better with for myself: to be ‘articulate, concise and comprehensive’.

4. Lara’s – flymetotheclouds.wordpress.com
She has an inspirational response to the ‘Who am I?’ question for Blogging 101.  In her response she includes  ‘Why am I here?’ Her answer:  (T)o be able to look back and know that I have lived”.  Accomplishing this is addressed earlier in her post.   Lara states that she will refuse to: let fear overcome my ability or will to do something.”

5. Beth’s:Like Baby Bear Soup – likebabybearsoup.wordpress.com
Honestly, I don’t know what exactly caught my attention on this blog at first.  I didn’t know what baby bear soup was and I didn’t quite get the tagline which you can check out for yourself.  Her title refers to the Goldilocks story about the soup that wasn’t too hot or cold but just right.  The baby bear’s soup in the goldilocks story was ‘just right’  and that’s the way she want’s to live her life.  Beth’s mission for the blog amongst other things is to be “a place to remind me of my blessings and joys, a place to shed my insecurities and weakness, and a place to reminisce”  By the way, her tagline does make sense -you just have to pay attention 🙂

Engaging = inspiration!

The inspiration I have gleaned from engaging is:

I will not let fear overcome my ability.

I would like to engage with this community in an articulate, concise and comprehensive manner therefore not be strangers.

I would like to able to look back at my blog and see a chronicle of growth and joy and know that I have lived.  I would also like my blog to act as a  reminder of my blessings and joys, a serve as a place to shed my insecurities and weakness.


Blogging U.

4 thoughts on “Engaging = Inspiration

  1. I haven’t done so much reading in a while and every blog I have been coming across especially associated with blogging 101 really does inspire and make me expand my boundaries and serve as inspiration and a springboard in finding my own voice of expression.


    • New for me too – have several websites but am getting into reading other people’s work -it really does help with focus. And you are welcome -thank you too! You are a great writer!


      • Thank you so much for following me and writing a little bit about my blog! 🙂 I totally agree that engaging = inspiration and hope to come across more inspirational blogs like yours. Can’t wait to read more 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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